Week 2

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Another Friday and another productive meeting with Allison, Dr. Wolfe and myself.  First we looked at the reference images of pants that Allison and I found.   We plan to base our new model for Paula’s pants off two images.  We will be basing the tailoring of the the waist on the pants off of this pair found by Allison. 

The pants that Allison found have a large bell bottom shape which would move very freely and be a lot of work to animate well so, for the leg shape of Paula’s pants we will instead be using this reference that I found .

The straighter legs of these pants should be a lot simpler to model and animate.

Our tasks for this week are some final preparatory work before we start modeling.  To that end I will be looking at where and how creases form in pants so that we can figure out what areas of our mesh will need the highest polygon density.  I will also be learning about how to set bones and skin in 3ds Max.  Meanwhile Allison will be reviewing modeling techniques and procedures.


Week 1- Goals for Fall Quarter

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Friday was our first group meeting for the ASL project this year.  In addition to meeting the new people on the project and getting an overview of the current status of the project as a whole, Allison, Professor Wolfe, and I started laying out a plan for what we would like to accomplish this year.

We would like to be able to animate our avatar, Paula’s lower body and torso in order to synthesize ASL verb agreement and storyteller mode.   Currently the model of Paula’s pants is a mess of odd shaped polygons that would be difficult to work with.  Therefore our first order of business is to remodel her pants so they will be easier to work with.  To start with we are going to find some references, since the current pants are pleated and would be complex to re-model.

An Introduction

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In this blog I will be documenting my work on DePaul’s American Sign Language Synthesis Project.  I plan to update regularly as the project progresses.  Hopefully this will be an interesting record of my work on the project.

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