Week 5

October 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

During our meeting with Doctor Wolfe this week we first discussed methods of joining the current mesh for Paula’s upper body with the pants mesh that we will create.  3ds Max has several options for joining meshes but it looks like the one we will want to use is the Attach function because it allows the most control of the joining.  We also looked at the effect of removing the current lower body model would have on Paula.  It appears that deleting the lower body on a mesh modifier above the skin modifier in the stack will not effect the upper body weighting which is good.  That means we won’t have to re-weight everything when we add in our new pants.

We also continued our discussion about using an old pair of Allison’s pants to figure out polygon density/location as well as how their appearance changes with movement.  Allison has the markers and pants and is going to try sketching out the mesh on them this week as well as videotaping herself while walking on a treadmill with them.  We would also like to look at the position of the torso and lower body through various movements.  To help see this I am going to make multiple normals out of straws to make changes in body position more evident.  Allison and I will meet on Friday to take videos and pictures with the normals.

This week was also our big group meeting.  We spent some of the time discussing the inclination videos we had made using the stick figure.  The animations seemed to be either more realistic with the motions flowing together and showing the shift of weight or more an idealized and isolated motions with little weight shift.


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