Spring Quarter- Week 3

April 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dr. Wolfe, Allison and I have met twice this quarter.  The first week not much had been accomplished since our last meeting of winter quarter.  We reviewed our current status and discussed what work remained for this quarter.  We still need to finish off the walk cycle and do some final tweaking of the waist area of the pants.  We also need to sit down and look at our study of role shifting with the normals from fall quarter and animate Paula performing a role shift.

Last Friday was Good Friday so we did not meet, however over the past two weeks I have been working on refining the walk cycle I started last quarter.  The current version is pretty good through the legs and arms, and the feet don’t skate however it is very stiff in the torso, over the next week Allison and I are going to refine the walk cycle and add some hip, shoulder and torso movement.  After showing Dr. Wolfe our progress I got Allison caught up with  the current model and the tools Dr. Wolfe and I have made for animating.

Here is an in progress compilation of stills from the walk cycle.


Here is a video of the current version of the walk cycle. 


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