Fall Quarter – Week 1

September 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am continuing my work with DePaul University’s American Sign Language Synthesis project this year.  I will be working with Farah Thomas and Dr. Rosalee Wolfe on developing a real – time display for our signing avatar.  Our current model is too complex for real-time playback within3DS Max our modeling and animating program.  To view animation in real-time it is necessary to render the animation.  This time consuming process makes the fine tuning of the motion slow and cumbersome.  We will adapt our avatar so that a visually acceptable real-time display is possible.  Our first step is to analyze our model and figure out what elements are computationally expensive and unnecessary.  We will begin by looking  at the number of faces in the different sections of our avatar and at potential ways to reduce the polygon count.
At the end of last year we learned that the poster proposal Allison and I submitted to the Grace Hopper Women in Computing conference was accepted.  Farah, Dr. Wolfe and I will be traveling to Baltimore for the conference in the beginning of October.  Over the summer I worked on the poster design and we are also currently researching printing options for the poster.


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