Fall Quarter – Week 2

September 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

This week we had a large group meeting.  Farah and I talked briefly about our upcoming presentation at the Grace Hopper conference.  We will practice presenting our poster with the group in a couple of weeks before heading to Baltimore for the conference.  The main focus of the meeting was an in depth discussion of how to use the Sign Transcriber, our group’s custom 3DS Max interface for building signs.  We each tried building a sign with the program.  The sign transcriber makes tweaking the positioning very easy, however it is very difficult to get an accurate sense of how the motion actually looks because the playback within max is slow and skips frames.  Working with the program showed Farah and I  the accuracy and speed a revised model will need.

Farah and I both started working on a MaxScript program that outputs the number of polygons in each part of our model.  I created a working first version that gave us some first ideas on where to start reducing the number of polygons.  Areas such as the tongue and teeth, the feet and the hair have high numbers of polygons, however they are generally not animated or seen.  Over the next week Farah and I are going to revise our scripts and make sure we are not missing parts of the model.  We are also working on preparing for the poster presentation.


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