Fall Quarter – Week 3

September 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

This week Farah and I met with Dr. Wolfe and discussed what we had found out about the polygon count in various parts of our model.  It turns out that there are two major types of geometries in Paula.  Most of the model is composed of Geometry class objects.  These are poly meshes, editable meshes, boxes, spheres, etc.   However the eyelashes are made of shape objects specifically spline shapes and lines.  Among the geometry objects the largest are the tongue and teeth model, the body, the head, the hands, and the hair.  The tongue teeth and the hair both appear to be good candidates for eliminating polygons.  The hair is not skinned so we only need to worry about transferring the uvs between the original and revised model.  The tongue and teeth model is skinned but it is fairly simple and should not require too much effort to reskin.

We started discussing how we will measure and compare the effects of changes to the geometry on the ability to run in realtime.  It looks like the best way will be to compare render times for various versions.  A little research found a script that records the time required to render.

Farah and I are looking at the effect the ProOptimizer modifier has on the geometry and runtime when applied to the tongue teeth model and the hair this week.


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