Fall Quarter – Week 4

September 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

This week we had another large group meeting .  Farah and I used this opportunity to practice our poster presentation for the Grace Hopper conference.  The final version of the printed poster looks great and Farah has made a terrific carrier to get the poster to Baltimore.  We are ready to head to Baltimore in a couple of days.  We also reviewed the use of the Sign Transcriber and continued to work on creating new signs.

We did not have a chance to discuss our work with the  ProOptimizer modifier with Dr. Wolfe.  From my experimentation it looks like we can use the ProOptimizer fairly successfully on the hair to reduce polygon count.  The ProOptimizer settings allow you to maintain UVs so we would not need to retexture the hair.  The biggest potential issue that I see at this point is that the lower poly hair has a much more angular profile than the rest of the model.

The hair before using the ProOptimize modifier

The hair after using the ProOptimize modifier.

However the straight edges in the hair may not be a huge issue in the waist up view that we will primarily be using for signing.

From the experimentation I have done so far with the ProOptimizer on the tongue and teeth model, it looks like it will be harder to get good results.  However only a small section of the teeth are visible at a time.  When viewed with the rest of the model the lower polygon mesh of the teeth may look better.


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