Winter Quarter – Week Three

January 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

I have continued working on constructing a new model of the teeth.  I took the individual images of the teeth and used Photoshop to construct a panorama.  The results are promising.  TeethTexture1There is some perspective distortion between the different images so the different images don’t blend together totally smoothly, I think that taking more images, each with a smaller field of view and using Photoshop’s masking tools to help blend from one image to the next will solve these issues.

After making the panorama texture I tried applying it to the teeth.

TeethTexture1_ComparisonIt’s a good start, they definitely look like teeth, however there is some distortion of the texture from the default uv coordinates.  Over the next week I need to spend some time editing the texturing, theoretically a cylindrical map will work well.  I’ve modified the teeth so that they have a back side.  This presents another problem with the default uv coordinates, currently the back side of the teeth is black.

After I get the texture coordinate issues sorted out I will see how the new teeth look when they are actually in Paula’s mouth and identify further issues that need to be addressed.


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