Winter Quarter – Weeks Four and Five

February 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

We were unable to meet two weeks ago due inclement weather, so over the past two weeks I have been working on refining the texturing of the new teeth model and seeing how well the new teeth integrate with Paula.  With the new and improved texturing the teeth are looking really good.  Can you tell which are the new version and which are the original?  Answer:  The top version are the new teeth.

Answer:  The top version are the new teeth. My work on the texture coordinates has eliminated most of the problems with the stretched gums and teeth running off the edge of the model seen in my previous post.

I also started experimenting with a transparency map.  This will stop max from rendering the portions of the new model that are between or outside the teeth.  I still need to create a final version of the transparency map, however this quick version from the texture shows that the transparency mapping should work well.  ToungeTeethOptimize_7pic7

The top is the new teeth before the transparency mapping, the middle is after the transparency mapping, and the bottom is the original teeth for comparison.  As you can see the transparency map eliminates the black areas around the teeth, which allows us to have the slight indentations without making the edge of the teeth entirely defined by geometry (thus using a lot more polygons).  Since this is a rough map the edges are a bit feathered, however a better map will easily solve this problem.

One of the major issues remaining was the difference in brightness.  Looking at the teeth by themselves there is a definite but not too obvious difference.  The new teeth are slightly darker.  This became an obvious problem when I inserted the new teeth into the model of Paula.  Expressions_Comparison

By themselves the new teeth seem dark but not too bad, however when seen with the old version of the bottom teeth its a little scary, although as the final image shows the settings on the old teeth are a little on the bright side.

After consulting with Dr. Wolfe we decided to add a little self illumination to the teeth to brighten them up.  This produced some good results.  Expressions_SelfIllumComparisonAs the image shows adding a self illumination map with the texture image eliminates the darkness of the new teeth.  With the self illumination to 100% the teeth start to get a little to bright, toning it down a little helped.  Using self illumination is good because we can easily control the brightness as a function of distance.  We can increase the self illumination as the distance increases to help the teeth stand out. Expressions_pic8

Here’s another picture of the new teeth.

For next week I will be working on creating a final alpha map for the teeth and start working on making the bottom teeth.

Farah’s been making good progress with the lashes.  LashesOnPaula5Here’s what they look like now.  Once we finish the new teeth and eyelashes we will have substantially reduced the number of polygons in Paula.  I’m not sure of the exact numbers but  we will have easily eliminated over 20,000 polygons (in a 67,000 polygon model).


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