Winter Quarter – Weeks Six – Nine

March 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s been a busy few weeks since I lasted posted.  Week six, (2/15) we didn’t meet because Dr. Wolfe was out of town.  Over weeks six and seven of the quarter I experimented with closing off the gaps at the top of the teeth.  The problem is that when using a transparency map you get the profile you want on the sides of the object, but unless the object is 2D any holes will show the hollow interior.  As previous pictures have shown this isn’t a huge problem.  Mostly the teeth will be viewed from the front, and at some distance.  However, if Paula opens up wide we need to be able to see at least a reasonably whole top of the molars.


To address this problem I first experimented with adjusting the transparency map.  By moving the image up and down slightly I was able to change the locations of the transparent sections on the model and decrease the gap between the front and back of the teeth.  Making the material of the teeth two sided also helped because instead of seeing the background y0u could see the back of the teeth, decreasing the apparent size of the hole.


I also experimented some with creating a second plane over the gaps in the teeth with its own transparency map, however, the pieces didn’t fit together well.  In discussion with Dr. Wolfe and Dr. McDonald we decided that adjusting the alpha map would be sufficient to conceal any holes in the teeth, especially with two sided materials and the interior of the mouth in place.

Having more or less finished with the top teeth, they still need a few final adjustments but I am going to do that after I have the bottom teeth up to about the same point.

I have constructed the geometry and rough texture maps for the bottom teeth and started working on the UVs.  I have to finish editing the UVs on the bottom teeth, then I will go back and make the final texture maps for both sets of teeth.  After seeing how the new teeth look with Paula I will make any final adjustments.



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