Spring Quarter – Weeks One – Three

April 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

Over the past few weeks I have been working on creating the final version of the teeth texture and replacing the preliminary texture.  The preliminary texture had places where the profile of the teeth was uneven and the value shifted sharply from the compositing.  In addition the transparency maps were fuzzy.


The problems in the original textures are a result of the low number of sub images and the large overlap between subsequent images.  For the final versions I increased the number of renders taken around the teeth from ten to sixteen and decreased the size of the rendered image so there was a minimal overlap when the images were joined.   I first attempted to calculate the precise field of view needed to for each section.  However, due to the irregular shape of the teeth there were gaps in the result.


Instead of trying to guess the proper field of view I constructed a grid and rendered the images with a large enough field of view to show the entire grid section.  For each segment I rendered two images, one with the grid and one with just the teeth.


I used the version with the grid to crop the just teeth renders then joined the edited versions to form the panorama.  The new version had much less noticeable seams than the original however there was still a slight discontinuity in a couple places.  I fixed these areas with a little work in Photoshop.  The final result is a definite improvement.


The new versions of the texture don’t quite line up with the old ones so the UVs need a little adjustment.  I am currently working on this.

In addition to the work on the teeth Farah and I have prepared and submitted an abstract for DePaul’s School of Computing Research Symposium.  We are hoping to present a poster on our work.


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