CREU 2013 – Fall – Week One

September 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

School’s back in session and I’m back at work with DePaul’s ASL synthesizer project.  On the agenda for this year is improving our ASL animations through the creation of a model of coarticulation in ASL that will help generate more natural and realistic movement.  Over the summer I conducted a review of studies examining coarticulation in signed languages.  Currently I am finishing “Modelisation de la coarticulation en Langue des Signe Francaise pour la diffusion automatique d’informations en gare ferroviaire a l’aide d’un signeur virtuel” by Jeremie Segouat which examines the variations in signing between isolated signs and signs in context.

In addition to the information we have gathered from previous studies on coarticulation in signed languages we will be analyzing the corpus published by the ASL Linguistic Research Project at Boston University.  Using this data we will be examining the transitions between signs and how the transitions change as the distance between sign positions increases (do the hands move faster so the duration of the transition remains constant? are the transitions longer because the hands move at the same velocity? some of both? something different?).

In October, DePaul University will be hosting SLTAT 2013 (Symposium on Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technology).  At the conference Melissa and I will be presenting a poster, “Toward a Real-Time ASL Avatar Utilizing Linguistic Principles for Nonmanual Signals,” based off the work Farah and I did last year and that Larwan, Melissa and I did this summer.


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