CREU 2013 – Fall – Week Six

October 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

SLTAT was this weekend and the conference went really well.  The attendees were from a variety of projects around the world focusing on sign language translation and animation.  It was interesting to hear about the different projects and approaches to tackling the problems.  At DePaul we’ve been focused on improving avatar quality and creating algorithms to create natural motion based on sparse key hand animations of individual signs. Other groups are working on using motion capture data for sign animation, both with a sophisticated multiple camera set up and using the Kinect.  The French group, LIMSI (who Segouat worked with) is currently working on automating the transformation of sentences in French to a syntax representing French Sign Language that can then be feed to an animation engine.  This is an area we haven’t really addressed, currently to create animations our system requires the animator to determine the correct signs and syntax as well as manually add affects, blinks, etc.  We are hoping to work with LIMSI on a project that combines their experience with the translation aspect with our work on producing natural animation.  The poster presentation went well and the attendees seemed interested in the work we’ve done.


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